Feed 500 unfortunate (asnaf) families every month in the comfort of your home just by donating to us.

Key Points:

SPK provides food aid to 500 needy families each month

Your Contribution will be used to continue current efforts

Your Contribution will enable us to reach out and provide for more needy (asnaf) families every month

Imagine the Impact

500 Unfortunate (Asnaf) Families in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Rely on Your DonationS Every Month. Give Today and Reap up to 700 Times the Blessings!

We embark on a profound mission - to find and support those who genuinely need a helping hand…

Our core initiative focuses on providing essential food supplies to these struggling families every single month. We are committed to ensuring that our recipients do not go to bed hungry…

Over 500 families across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor eagerly await our assistance every month. Our process of vetting recipients involves in-depth interviews, home visits, and ongoing monitoring by our dedicated team. We take these steps to ensure that your donation reaches the people who need it most.

By choosing to give, you entrust us with the responsibility of carrying out thorough due diligence and groundwork on your behalf. All you need to do is provide the means for nourishing food.

Take a moment to envision the lives you could change with your donation.

May Allah reward you with goodness for your unwavering support.
Empower Lives With Your Donation
Envision the smiles on children's faces as their parents bring home bags of rice and cooking oil, knowing that their family will have enough to eat for the coming month.

Picture the relief in their parents' eyes, grateful for your generosity and the chance to provide for their loved ones.
The Consequences of Inaction
Without your generous donation, the harsh reality of hunger continues to plague 500 families who desperately need our help. Every day, parents agonize over how to provide enough food for their children, while the children themselves grow up with the heavy burden of uncertainty about their next meal…

Your donation has the power to change this - to bring warmth, sustenance, and hope to those who feel forgotten…

When families are forced to focus solely on survival, they are unable to invest in their future, big dreams and potential. Your contribution can break this cycle, empowering parents to create a better life for their children and nurturing the aspirations of the next generation…

Take a moment to consider the profound impact your donation can have. With your support, we can transform lives, build resilient communities, and ensure that no one is left behind in the fight against hunger.
When you choose to give, you become a beacon of hope for families who have nowhere else to turn. Your contribution helps to ease their burdens, allowing them to face each day with renewed strength and determination.

Stand with us as we strive to create a world where every family has access to food, hope, and the chance to rise above their circumstances. Thank you for choosing to make a difference.