About us

Dedicated to enriching lives through compassionate and thoughtful service. At Al Khaadem, we strive to make a positive impact in every community we touch.

Al Khaadem means “The One Who Serves”. Al Khaadem is committed to serving and helping all mankind to change for the better, spiritually, physically and mentally.


Our Vision

To unite mankind by promoting social progress, better living standards and aiding those in need. 


Our Mission

To create a kinder, better world through effective aid and education.


Wholistic Community

Our community sanctuary nurtures a responsible YOU based on the Islamic creed of the Pioneers.

Dato’ Sheikh Hussain Yee


Dato’ Sheikh Hussain is highly popular for his simple yet insightful talks on the virtual international Islamic lecture circuit and media networks such as Discover Islam TV (Bahrain), Islam Channel London (UK), Peace TV (India), and IQRA TV (UK).

Dato’ Sheikh Hussain brings a unique perspective to the art of da’wah. As a revert, Dato’ Sheikh Hussain empathises with the challenges facing new Muslims as well as the trials of born Muslims. Born into a Buddhist family, Dato’ Sheikh Hussain reverted to Islam in the late 1960s. He then studied hadith sciences at the leading Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, under the tutelage of a great hadith scholar of the 20th century, Sheikh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albani.

Since graduation, Dato’ Sheikh Hussain worked in various global and local organisations to advocate for Islam and support new and born Muslims. Given his wide skillset in Islamic scholarship combined with experience in strategic management, advisory and consulting, Dato’ Sheikh Hussain’s expertise is in demand worldwide. Currently, Sheikh Hussain sits on the Halal Advisory Committee for the Islamic Da’wah Council, The Philippines (a member of World Halal Council) and is a Syura council member for the Japan Halal Foundation. Prior to founding Al Khaadem, he served as an Advisor for the Cambodian Islamic Refugee Organisation in Paris, France, as a Counsellor and Mubaligh Officer at PERKIM Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian agency for new reverts, and as the Director of Da’wah for the Islamic Center in Hong Kong.

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