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Perfecting My Solah

Perfecting My Solah is a one-day solah course to expose and guide the participants on the correct way of performing the prayer based on the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Perfecting My Fatihah

Perfecting My Fatihah is a half-day course with the aim of improving and perfecting the recitation of the most important surah in our Solah, the Surah Al-Fatihah.

Perfecting My Marriage

Perfecting My Marriage is a one-day course to introduce the many facets of what's to come in a lifelong commitment with your partner and how Islam came to perfect it.

Tajweed Academy

Our Tajweed Academy is a structured year-long programme aimed at perfecting the recitation of the Quran - especially focusing on the makhraj and sifat of the Arabic letters.


HonesTea helps young sisters navigate growing pains and embark on a journey of personal growth discovery.

Football Academy

Al Khaadem Football Academy aims to equip the youth with fitness, discipline, and a sense of community by playing a sport they enjoy.

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