Dakwah Training Programme

What is DTP?

Al-Khaadem Dakwah Training Programme (DTP) is a complete immersion programme for talents looking to embrace dakwah as a lifelong calling, serve mankind, share the knowledge and make an impact to the community.

Espousing the talaqqi method, talents will experience first-hand the realities of dakwah, both its challenges and fulfilment.


  • LEARN & GROW under the tutelage of Sheikh Hussain Yee, an established speaker known internationally.
  • HONE YOUR SKILLS in dakwah competency, management and personal development.
  • DEEP IMMERSIONS in Al-Khaadem’s programmes, outreach initiatives, culture and vision both locally and internationally.
  • GAIN DIVERSE EXPERIENCE in this 3-years full-time programme, with on-the-job and experiential training, workshops and mentorship.
Why join DTP?

A path to put you alongside the growing local and global du’aat in building a guided community that espouses the beautiful values of Islam.

  • You should have a strong interest and passion for Dakwah
  • Able to commit for a duration of 3 years
  • A people person with high EQ
  • Having personal traits of patience, highly determined, humility and persistence is an advantage
  • Possess an Islamic education qualification recognised by the Malaysian government. Minimum diploma
  • Good command of Arabic is a must. Proficient in English is an advantage
  • Open to Malaysians only, 30 years old and below




1. This program is a holistic training of the Junior Dai’e candidate

2. You will learn the art of effective Dakwah directly from Sheikh Hussain Yee, a renowned Dai’e with over 40 years experience locally and internationally.

3. The curriculum will include:

a) Field Experience – Learn how SHY engages all walks of life regardless of creed or color
i. Conducting classes
ii. Fulfilling muslim rites
iii. International assignment

b) Academic development – equip yourself with common worldly knowledge to better understand current issues
i. Basic financial and corporate structures
ii. Psychology

c) Personal development – continuous improvement on your self
i. Leadership
ii. Communication skills
iii. Management skills.

4. This will be a 3 years training program

5. If you dropout during the training period, you will need to compensate all the  expenses incurred.

6. Upon graduation you will be bonded for 7 years

7. This is a Sponsored programme.


Committed hours and off days

You will have to commit to a minimum 6 days weekly. However, since this is based on the talaqqi methodology, timing could vary accordingly.

Food & Lodging

Food & lodging is on the candidate.

What happens if they fail the 1st year

They will be dropped from the programme and there is no need to pay any compensation.

Can they be dismissed prematurely and why?

Yes, if you breach our disciplinary issues and house rules.

What happens after 3 years?

Successful talents will be absorbed by Al-Khaadem full time as dai’e and guaranteed a salary. They will also be given the opportunity to expand their experience via Al-Khaadem’s global network and wide-ranging comprehensive services designed to serve and save mankind.

Committed hours and off days

It will be done by the DTP Committee.

What is Al-Khaadem?

Al-Khaadem was founded by Sheikh Hussain Yee in 1984 as a charity and dakwah organisation. Underscoring this was the mission to share the beauty of authentic Islam to the community. With less than 10 core Jemaah, Al-Khaadem began in Kuala Lumpur offering classes, providing shelter for deserving musafir and running bundle sales to support its mission.

Over the course of 36 years and against all odds, Al-Khaadem grew from being small and relatively unknown into a globally recognised organisation under the leadership of Sheikh Hussain Yee. Today Al-Khaadem serves and plays an important role in supporting international communities in their dakwah efforts whilst expanding its services to assist our local community on a wider and grander scale which it coins as from “cradle to grave”.