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Al Khaadem Qurban 2024/1445H

Al Khaadem / Al Khaadem Qurban 2024/1445H
The Quickest and Easiest Way to Perform your Qurban 2024

Now you can maximise the rewards without the hassle and headache.

Assalamualaikum our beloved jemaah,

Perhaps you missed out on the past year’s Qurban. Perhaps you didn’t have extra funds. Perhaps you were not confident of the organization offering the Qurban. Or perhaps you overlooked the prohibitions for the one making the Qurban. These are all normal – do not let those experiences deter you from participating with us. 

This is your time to take action and reap the rewards!

We understand completely if you’ve been fearful and uncertain in the past. Let us put your fear to rest.

Al Khaadem has been organising Qurban both locally and abroad for more than 10 years. Through Skuad Prihatin Kemiskinan (SPK), our CSR arm, our vast network of volunteers is dedicated to ensure your Qurban is performed according to the Sunnah and distributed to the deserving community. With just a few simple steps, you will be able to complete your Qurban ritual and reap the full rewards with us insyaAllah.

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Qurban Highlights

7 Reasons To Perform Your Qurban With Us

1. We carefully select and purchase only the best animals for our Qurban as we believe anything we do in the name and for the sake of Allah should be the best.

2. We will offer the Qurban in the name you specify, which will be mentioned at the time of slaughter.

3. You can choose to perform your Qurban locally or abroad.

4. The Qurban meat will be distributed to the poorest and most needy communities.

5. Animals are purchased locally in your chosen country, to benefit local farmers and the community.

6. We will slaughter on the days of Tashrik (on the 3rd Day).

7. We provide updates regarding your Qurban and share reminders via a dedicated WhatsApp channel.

Alhamdulillah, after over a decade of doing Qurban year after year, Al Khaadem is dedicated to provide the best.

Now, you might be thinking :

“But I need to be the one slaughtering the animal myself to reap the rewards.” 

No, that is not the case.

“I need to be physically there to be blessed by the ceremony.”

No, you do not need to be there physically during Qurban.

“I won’t  be able to collect my portion of the animal.”

We provide everybody the option to either collect their slaughtered meat or have us distribute it.

“I would like to perform the Qurban on behalf of a family member”

It is permissible and highly recommended to inform the person involved of the prohibitions to be observed from 1 to 10 Dzulhijjah..

What We Provide

Pricing (Malaysia)

260 kg and above (grade A)

RM6,510 per cow

(RM930 per portion)
32kg and above

RM1,350 per goat

Pricing (Overseas)

260kg and above

RM5355 per cow

(RM765 per portion)
Al Khaadem is a Malaysian humanitarian charitable body founded in 1984 committed to helping those in need through effective efforts guided by the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Part of our efforts to uphold this vision is to perform the Qurban every year.