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Infaq Ramadan 2022

Al Khaadem / Infaq Ramadan 2022
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We welcome assistance through outright gifts of cash or other donations-in-kind to support our programmes benefitting the community. As a registered charitable organisation, we practice transparency. Potential and existing donors are welcome to view our financial statements by making an appointment with our office.

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Alternatively, you may also transfer directly to our bank account via Maybank2u, Interbank / GIRO transfer or ATM deposit to the follow account:


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Dawah and Islamic Learning Programs

25% of your help will be channeled to continue the blessed work of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah. What is that? The convey the authentic message of Islam to different corners fo the world. This is an area that needs primary focus keeping in mind the vast amount of misinformation and doubts that are bing propagated to the masses. These programs include various classes delivered in a very comprehensive and easy to understand manner on topics like Shariah, Foundations of Islam, Fiqh (jurisprudence), etiquettes and manners, recitation of the Quran and many other classes that are needed by the masses. These classes are carefully crafted and delivered by trained scholars. An example of such amazing programs can be seen here.

400+ Free Programmes Conducted

Collaborated with 25+ NGOs and Companies

The Poor and Needy

30% of your help you will be devoted to the extremely poor and needy. These are beneficiaries that have been carefully vetted and identified by Al Khaadem. To ensure that each Ringgit donated for charity makes a maximum impact, Al Khaadem (AK) and SuperThinkers (ST) have joined forces since October 2019 under the banner of Skuad Prihatin Kemiskinan (SPK). Combining the strengths and experiences of ST and AK, SPK’s mission is to move families away from poverty to economic self-sufficiency. Look at the amazing work being done here.


In 2021:

15,500+ Household Helped

RM 1,740,000+ Spent On Aid

1,400 Food Packs & Eid Gifts Distributed

New Muslim Community Programme

11% of your help is devoted to the care, guidance, and support of our new brothers and sisters. This includes classes to teach them basic knowledge such as introduction of Islam for non-Muslims and also classes to teach fardhu ‘ain (necessary knowledge) for new converts. An example of such amazing classes can be seen here.

Performed 300+ Reversions

From 17+ Nationalities

Youth Programs

12% of your help will be devoted to the personality development of our youth through highly engaging and beneficial programs such as Al Khaadem Youth Camp (AKYC), archery activities, futsal, and so on. Your contributions can also help towards the expansion of our Youth Hub; a platform for youth to gather and engage in leisure activities in a safe space together. An example of this can be seen here.

In-House Media and Dawah Content Production 

22% of your help will be channeled towards supporting our production team and this includes purchasing top-class equipment and producing Islamic content that will benefit people in Malaysia and across the world. All media and content produced from these equipments is like a sadaqah jariayah and a legacy as people benefit from the material for years to come, InshaAllah. An example of such amazing classes can be seen here. 

More than 4 Million Views

Close to 50,000 Followers

More than 100,000 Followers

Reversions (2021)
  • Malaysia (9)

  • Philippines (7)

  • United Kingdom (2)

  • Myanmar (1)

  • Russia (1)

  • China (1)

  • India (1)

  • Buddhist (6)

  • Christian (6)

  • Catholic (4)

  • Atheist (1)

  • Hindu (1)

  • Protestant (1)

  • Chinese (8)

  • Filipino (7)

  • Indian (3)

  • Sarawakian (1)

  • Russian (1)

  • Myanmarese (1)

  • Caucasian (1)

For enquiries on our donations and campaigns, contact accounts at:
or call 03-7724 1590

As a registered charitable organisation, we practice transparency.
Potential and existing donors are welcome to view our financial statements by making an appointment with our office.