Voice 4 Palestine – Storytelling Competition

About ‘Voice 4 Palestine’

‘Voice 4 Palestine’ is a virtual storytelling competition organised by Al Khaadem in an attempt to strike awareness and knowledge among the youth about the history and importance of Palestine. Open to ages 7 – 18.

Submission deadline is 9th of June 2021

Topics to choose from

Category A (Age 7 to 9) & B (Age 10 to 12):

  1. Why is Masjidil Aqsa important to the Muslims?
  2. My dream for Palestine
  3. Palestinian children vs Us — things that we take for granted
  4. A Letter to my Palestinian friend
  5. For what sin was I killed?

Category C (Age 13 to 15) & D (Age 16 to 18):

  1. Zionist genocide of Palestinians
  2. My solutions to end the Palestinian-Israel conflict
  3. Our Fallen Heroes: Stories of those who fought for Palestine’s independence
  4. Life in the world’s only open air prison
  5. Social media and the shifting tone of western media on Palestine
Terms & Conditions
  1. The theme of Al-Khaadem’s Virtual Storytelling Competition is “Voice 4 Palestine”.
  2. This competition is open to all aged between 7 – 18 years old worldwide. 
  3. There are 4 categories:
    • Category A (7 – 9 years old in December 2021)
    • Category B (10 – 12 years old in December 2021)
    • Category C (13 – 15 years old in December 2021)
    • Category D (16 – 18 years old in December 2021)
  4. Topics are categorised by age group as stated above.
  5. This competition consists of TWO (2) rounds: 
    • Round #1: Online Video Submission
    • Round #2: Virtual Grand Finale
  6. Competition timeline: 
    • 9th June : Video Submission Deadline
    • 9th – 10th June : Public Voting on AKYTV YouTube Channel
    • 10th June     : Announcement of Finalists
    • 12th June     : Virtual Grand Finale (LIVE on Zoom)
  7. All applicants must submit their entries through their parents or teacher representative.
  8. Participants are required to make a video of their chosen topic between 3-5 minutes in length. The best 5 videos from each category will proceed to the Grand Finale.
  9. The Grand Finale is a LIVE performance via Zoom. Finalists will be judged by a panel of expert judges, including Sheikh Hussain Yee. 
  10. 5 winners will be selected by the judges. Judging decisions are final.
  11. All participants will receive an e-Certificate of Participation.
  12. Al-Khaadem has the right to edit, amend, and/or reject any videos submitted. Entrants assign copyright of content by submission. 

For any enquiries, kindly contact: Sister Hani at events@alkhaadem.com and/or +0193107769

Online Video Submission

  1. Video must be in either MOV or MP4 format.
  2. Video submission title
    Example: B_3_ABDULLAH_KHADIJAH.mov/mp4
  3. Only original works will be entertained. There will be zero tolerance for copyright violations and plagiarism. 
  4. All videos must be in English.
  5. Only one entry per participant.
  6. Creative expression is encouraged. Entry should not contain brand mention, defamation, defamatory, obscene, slander and libelous speech.
  7. Use wisdom in your delivery (the best words & best approach) and remember every word has a place, every place has a word. This is not a platform for hate speech.
  8. Do not edit your video. Edited videos will be automatically disqualified.
  9. Participants are required to be in front of the camera. Audio recording submission will not be accepted.
  10. You may use props as an additional element to your storytelling.
  11. All stories must convey the theme:Voice 4 Palestine, adequately.

Submit your video entry via the button below.

Judging of Online Video Submission

  1. All videos submitted will be posted on AKYTV YouTube Channel.
  2. Videos are judged as follows:
    • Panel of judges: Content (45%) and Performance (45%) 
    • Public participation: Online votes (10%) on AKYTV YouTube Channel
  3. Public voting period is between 8th June 2021, 10am Malaysia (GMT+08) to 10th June 2021, 10am Malaysia (GMT+08).
  4. Votes received after 10am Malaysia (GMT+08) will NOT be accepted.

Finalists of the Virtual Grand Finale will be contacted via email/mobile by 10th June 2021, 6pm Malaysia.

Camera Technical Criteria

  1. Record your video with a white or plain background.
  2. Record your video in a landscape orientation.
  3. Your image should be seen from chest-and-above length. 
  4. You are advised to use a clip microphone (the one that comes with your headphones) for voice clarity.
  5. Ensure that you have an adequate amount of lighting (a bright room preferably) for your video.
  6. Start your recording after 5 sec of silence and be silent for 5 sec before ending the recording.
  7. Ensure that your attire covers your awrah and looks presentable.
  8. Don’t forget to give your best!