Writing Through Change

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Life continues even in lockdown.

Strip away the stresses and put your best foot forward with this life reset journalling workshop.

Guided journal writing interspersed with gentle writing prompts will help you process the experience and find the positive from the pandemic challenges.

Learn how to write a journal as a productive strategy for finding calm, simple self-care or just archiving the moment.

Your story matters. Give it a voice.

Discover how to find your words and take respite from the storm.


  • Through four facilitated writing activities, explore ways to reframe difficult thoughts and weather this moment. The interactive sessions will guide you to embrace changes and find the composure to manage things positively.

  • No matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned writer, this workshop will bring about reflections unique to your own individual experiences.


  • learn how to write as a self-expression and empowerment tool

  • discover tips and techniques to avoid writer’s block

  • process challenging times and experiences in a more effective way

  • learn to connect, reflect and move forward

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On the day

Find your favourite and comfortable spot

to write to restory to reflect
Take along your book and have a pen ready

Workshop details and Zoom ID unique to you will be emailed upon receipt of payment.

Disclaimer: These journalling workshops are designed to facilitate writing and thoughts and, like massages, can be therapeutic; but they are not therapy. Please discuss with your therapist if you are using this workshop as part of your treatment programme.

"Thank you for helping me find structure amidst the chaos"

"First time a writing session connects back to the Creator"

"I managed to find my voice through journalling."

"Alhamdulillah, I find the workshop very beneficial. I never thought that I have a voice within to express. Best part is, it being tied up to our Creator. It can be seen that Puan Anis has depths of knowledge in her line of work - writing."

M Haris

"I think the most valuable lesson I learnt from this course was to let myself be free with my emotions and take actions for every feeling/idea that comes through my mind."

Fahriah Adibah

"I am here to write regarding this morning Journal Writing Workshop event. Alhamdulillah I find it really good to my interest. I have been writing since I was small and continuing (now) with my life journal by writing on my laptop, sometimes I do make it as a handwriting journal too whenever I am a bit lazy to see the screen ha-ha. I wanted to send my massive gratitude to make this event happen and I super love it! Inshallah looked forward to joining more in the connection with writing and making journals."

Amirah Hanisah

"You have helped me quite a lot. I've been wanting to learn how to write and you showed me this."

Evy Savitri

"Thank you so much for the insightful session. Both my mom and I enjoy it, and I'm happy to see her break free and liberate herself through her writing."

Megat Musa

"I've attended workshops on stimulating creativity and handling negative energy/emotions before. But this is the first time I've been to a session where it's anchored back to the Creator. In two hours, Anis was able to share tips on journalling, tools on handling negative thoughts and how to avoid writer's block. I look forward to more from her."

Mohd Tajudin