Youth Camp

The youths learn the values if teamwork from participating in fun outdoor activities such as jungle trekking, kayaking, treasure hunt and edifying discussions

Our youth camp has been organised since 2009 by a group of Muslim Youth to inculcate Islamic values and adab in the younger generation, and hence strengthen the moral and social fabric of our country and ummah. Alhamdulillah, the camp has grown from strength to strength and hosted close to 1500 participants. While we seek to update the programmes in line with the newest pedagogy and developments, the camp consistently upholds the values and goals outlined in the Qur’an and exemplified by the Prophet (SAW) in our content and execution. 

Diversified yet united in our common purpose of upholding Qur’an and the examples of our beloved Prophet (), our Youth Camp celebrates inclusivity and the spirit of jamaah and Muslim brotherhood. We are privileged to have hosted participants from various countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, Egypt and the USA – and the list grows every year. While we are growing from strength to strength, and continually updating and reviewing our Youth Camp content to address current and future challenges, our core values remain consistent with those outlined in the Qur’an and exemplified by our beloved Prophet () 

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