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New Muslims Community

Al Khaadem / New Muslims Community

Alkhaadem has always been a home for the reverts, and for those who are learning, and searching for the truth.

Alkhaadem has witnessed hundreds, or maybe even thousands of Reversion ceremonies, under the guidance of Sheikh Hussain Yee, Alkhaadem has always been a home for the reverts, and for those who are learning, and searching for the truth. 

Al Khaadem keeps the new Muslims in touch, and consistently guide them with the new Moslems class every Saturday. This weekly class serves to guide the newly reverted Moslems on the basics of Islam, from the basic beliefs, to the obligatory rituals. 

NMC - Reversions

The programme (Saturdays, 11am to 1pm) helps new Muslims into the fold of Islam and make the transition and integration process as seamless as possible. It combines talks and lively discussions held in a friendly and comfortable setting. The service is provided free. 

New Muslims are also provided the support of a volunteer Mentor in its Buddy Programme. Mentors act as point of reference for those unable to attend classes at the Centre or wish to study Islam in a less structured environment. 

New Muslims Course – Level 1

For those who are new to the Faith or simply curious about what Islam is. This Class covers the foundations of Islam such as the Testimony of Faith, the Pillars of Islam, the Articles of Faith, the Qur’an, Prophets and much more. Get Up close and personal with Sheikh Hussain Yee and Adam Yee in an exclusive interactive discussion on Islam’s basics.

New Muslims Course – Level 2

This Series provides a more detailed, in depth-look at Islam, with some requirements of background knowledge from Level 1. This Class is equally rewarding for Born-Muslims that would like to have a better understanding of Islam Inshaa’Allah. Thought by Ustaz Shareef El-Arbi



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