Curious about Islam? New to the faith?

Whether you are searching for answers, a new Muslim or a born Muslim, find clarity, comfort and enrichment here at Al Khaadem.

Guided by the Qur’an and Prophetic examples, New Muslims Community is supported by dedicated volunteers (many of whom are reverts themselves) to advise and support new Muslims as they acclimatise to their new life.

In addition to basic classes, NMC engages in dialogues with soon-to-be Muslims, New Muslims and their respective families to foster mutual respect and understanding. Speciality workshops, advice, tutorials, and social gatherings round up our NMC activities designed to ease the revert’s transition.

Together, all parties collaborate to guide, encourage and nurture reverts to flourish on their new journey.

Get to know Islam in a safe and welcoming space at Al Khaadem. Using a structured knowledge-based approach, our weekly Saturday class is developed for all levels.

Dedicated volunteers (many of whom are reverts themselves) provide informal learning and support in an empathetic environment.

Beyond classes, we engage with the community to help new Muslims integrate into their new life through speciality workshops, counsel, gatherings, family dialogues and much more.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


The foundation of Islam, our beliefs and obligations, explained in one video.

Saturday: New Muslim Classes

Session 1

Each week, we answer two questions from our Reverts that are sent to us every week. These questions are things that they experience after their reversion, or starting their life as a New Muslim, or it can be questions from a born Muslim who is now re-learning the faith with knowledge.

Session 2

Participants are introduced to the basic foundations of Islam, including the 5 Pillars of Islam, the 6 Articles of Faith, and the 1 Pillar of Ehsan. All these are explored together with the essentials which every new Muslim, born Muslim and those exploring the faith will find enlightening.



NMC’s suite of services, from cradle to grave, aims to provide the revert with a wholistic support, insyaAllah. Get in touch with us to know more about newborn tahneek and shaving, reversion, Iqra’ (Qur’an learning). pre-marriage counsel, janazah (funeral) advise, and more.

Asked Questions

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What is Religion?

Religion is about the dos and the don’ts. Nobody can say they want to free themselves from rules. There are rules that guide every aspect of our lives – at work, at school, as a citizen or visitor to a country.

The difference is whether these rules are man-made or Divine. Man-made rules can change as humans are not perfect. Divine laws remain unchanged and unaltered: one law for all, an no one is above the law.

As Muslims, we believe that Islam is the true guidance and a Divine law; not a man-made law.


Life As A Muslim


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