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Perfecting My Solah

صَلُّوا كَمَا رَأَيْتُمُونِي أُصَلِّي

Perfecting My Solah is a one-day solah course whereby its main objective is to expose and guide the participants on the correct way of performing the prayer based on the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The programme includes theoretical learning encompassing all issues related to solah and practical sessions guided by facilitators (for On-site Courses only).

The language medium for Perfecting My Solah courses alternates between Bahasa Melayu and English with every course conducted.


The Adab (Etiquette) Before Solah

  • Thoharah
  • Ghusl (Major Ablution)
  • Wudhu’ (Minor Ablution)
  • Tayammum (Dry Ablution using dust)
  • Conditions Required before Solah
  • Sutrah
  • Adzan & Iqaamah

The Adab (Etiquette) After Solah

  • Remembrance after Solah

The Adab (Etiquette) During Solah

  • Movements and Recitations
  • Individual Solah
  • Congregational Solah

Issues in Solah

  • Pillars, Wajib, and Sunnah in Solah
  • Sujud Sahwi
  • Masbuq in Solah
  • Solah while Travelling
  • Recommended Voluntary Solah
  • Men and Women’s Solah
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